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PowerPoint does what now? Checkout the Record feature

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It was just an ordinary day. I had PowerPoint open and was working on a presentation, and I saw a new button, a button I hadn’t seen before ‘Record’.

Picture of Power Point presentation with drawn arrow showing the record button

I thought, hmm, wonder how long that’s been there, and then I clicked it. Look what appears; the presentation looks like it goes into Presenter mode but has options for recording what you’re doing. The screenshot below shows that the top is my second monitor with the presentation current slide, and the bottom is the recording editor area on another monitor.

Screenshot across two monitors one showing the presentation the other showing the recording options


In the top menu are options

  • The timer is time on slide vs total time
  • Record button to start recording or pause
  • Webcam, which your camera feed appears in the bottom right of the screen when enabled. (might need to change slide design to accommodate)
  • Microphone to mute/unmute audio

On the bottom menu

  • options to show laser pointer, use a pen or highlighter on the presentation
  • toggles to show your camera background or blur
  • toggles for views
    • Teleprompter
    • Presenter View
    • Slide View

Now that I’ve had a quick play around with the options on the screen, I clicked record, and off I go presenting the session as if I was presenting for real.

Get to the end, and I click again to stop recording. I thought, oh, that was fun let’s Export as a backup.

Power Point record export screen

Ok, playtime is over back to working on the presentation…Wait on the display looks a bit different. Why is my webcam appearing in the bottom right? Hover over it, hang on a minute. It has a play button.

Power Point after recording slide shows video including of slide

How cool is that, so basically, after recording the presentation, it has cut up the recording for each slide and added a video to the slide containing the audio and video during that slide.

I think this is awesome, thinking of the possibilities; if people miss a section of the presentation, they can go to the slide and replay the presenters audio/video. Doing some more button clicking, there are more options to re-record a slide or screen record or clear recordings and export all as video (that takes a while… think Camtasia while).

PowerPoint record menu options

Now to go read up on this incredible feature I’ve stumbled on!




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